The Wheelbarrow Polka



Title: The Wheelbarrow Polka, Composed By: Major Ben. Perley Poore, Publsihed By: Oliver Distson & Co., Location: Boston, Year 1856



Major Ben. Perley Poore of Newbury Made a bet with Col. Robert I. Burbank of Boston, on the Presidential vote in Massachusetts. The bet doomed the loser to wheel a barrel of apples from his house to the house of the winner. The Colonel won the bet, and the Major started the next morning from Newbury (36 Miles from Boston) with the apples (notwithstanding that Col. had promptly released him from the Conditions of the bet) and arrived at the Tremont House the third day at 2 1/2 o’ clock – where in the presence of at least 30,000 enthusiastic spectators the most interesting cerimonies took place between the parties.