John Frederick Herring, Jr. (British, 1820 – 1907)

Riders on a Country Lane


John Frederick Herring, Jr. (British, c. 1820-1907), Riders on a Country Lane, signed & dated, 1857, 13.75″ x 19.25″

John F. Herring, Jr. was born in South Yorkshire (c.1820) to the well-known 19th century artist John F. Herring, Sr., one of England’s greatest sporting and equestrian artists.  John Frederick Herring Jr. had two brothers, Benjamin and Charles, who were also skilled painters. His mother, a member of the Society of Lady Artists, was also a competent painter and exhibited genre scenes at the Royal Academy from 1852 to 1866.

John Frederick Herring Jr. worked in both oil and watercolor, but his oils gained him the most recognition.

Herring, Jr. married Kate Rolfe, an artist herself and the daughter of Alexander Rolfe, the English angling and sporting artist.  Herring, Jr. would, at times, collaborate with his father-in-law, as well as other artists, painting the animals in their works.

During his lifetime Herring Jr. exhibited at all the major exhibition halls including the Royal Academy, where he exhibited: The Farm – Autumn (1863), Farm-yard (1864), Watering the Team (1869), The Homestead (1871) and A Farm yard (1872) among others.

Exhibited: The Royal Academy 1863 – 1873; The British Institute 1864 – 1867; The Suffolk Street Gayller