Reginald Arthur (Welsh, 1881 – 1896)

Reginald Arthur (Welsh, 1881 – 1896) “The Sisters Lesson”

Oil on Canvas 40in x 49 1/2 in

His full name was Reginald Arthur John WILLIAMS and he was born on 7th June 1862 in Cefn, Denbigh, Wales. His parents were William Oliver Williams (also a painter, known as “William Oliver”) and Jane Elizabeth née Hughes.
He showed an early flair for painting and drawing, as exemplified by the attached portrait of his Welsh grandmother, drawn at the age of 18. Under the pseudonym of “Reginald Arthur” he exhibited a great deal at the Royal Academy, chiefly statuesque women like Cleopatra or Clytemnestra. The seal of fame was given him when he was commissioned to paint Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll – never completed, owing to his early death from TB in 1899.