Ottoman Miquelet Pistol


The Balkans produced more pistols than any other region of the Ottoman Empire. The distinctive rattail stock was made primarily in Albania and exported for use throughout the Ottoman Empire, the pointed butt making an effective club. This example is of better quality than most, with a quality lock featuring engraved geometric design and a frizzen with dovetailed grooved strike plate. Mechanism still works smoothly, which is unusual for these early miquelets. Octagonal to round 12 1/4″ barrel of approximately .65 cal. with raised design at the breech; steel barrel band. The wooden stock is completely covered with sheet brass engraved with small arabesques. Smooth brass rattail butt cap. Steel trigger guard with engraved line borders and applied brass decoration. Steel vent pick where a ramrod would normally be found, though these Ottoman pistols usually only had false ramrods.