“Ossian” Oil on canvas. 22 1/2 x 18 inches

Johann Josef Schindler (Austrian, 1777 – 1836) was an Austrian painter and graphic artist. Johann Josef Schindler was primarily a landscape painter who depicted his pictures topographically . He also created portraits , genre pictures , religious representations and pictures with a military theme. As a graphic artist, Schindler was a draftsman and eraser . He worked as a lithographer for several Viennese publishers , where he published landscape and military series.

Schindler studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts with Johann Christian Brand . After working in St. Pölten, he became a drawing teacher at the St. Anna Academy and a chamber painter in 1810 . In 1818 he became a full member of the Vienna Academy. Between 1822 and 1834 he made several study trips to northern Italy and the Salzkammergut. Schindler was with the Wr. Theresia Dietrich from Neustadt married. His son Carl Schindler was also a painter. Schindler died in the Vienna suburb of Laimgrube No. 25.