Jean Raymond Hippolyte Lazerges (French, 1817 – 1887)

Jean Raymond Hippolyte Lazerges (French, 1817 – 1887) “Lady Liberty”

Oil On Canvas 30in x 24in

Jean Raymond Hippolyte Lazerges (1817–1887) was a French painter, and composer of melodies and songs.

Lazerges was born in Narbonne, France, where his father was a baker. He studied in Paris under the sculptor David d’Angers and the painter François Bouchot.

He traveled to Algeria with his father in 1830.  His paintings often depicted Oriental women engaged in every-day activities such as preparing fleece and working at their primitive looms.

Among his light songs Éloge du tabac has been recorded by Paul Van Nevel ‘s Huelgas Ensemble.

His son Jean-Baptiste Paul Lazerges (1845–1902) was also a painter.

He died in Si-Mustapha, a suburb of Algiers , Algeria .

He obtained two medals in 1843 and 1848 and was awarded the Legion of Honor in 1867.