Henri Condamin (French, 1847 – 1917)

The Invading Army

Henri Condamin (French, 1847 – 1917) “The Invading Army”

Oil on Panel 29 x 25 inches

Condamin was a painter, sculptor. Figures, portraits, genre scenes, interiors, landscapes, still-lifes. He studied in Lyons under Bonirote, then under Cabanel in Paris. He exhibited in Paris and Lyons from 1874, chiefly portraits, still life’s, genre compositions, interiors, landscapes and some sculptures.

This fascinating oil on panel which dates to 1917 – the year of the artists death. It is dedicated verso to a friend of the painter and echoes the fears of the French people from the invading German army. On the back is an extensive inscription which states that the old woman has left her door open to the invaders so they can see she and her family are no threat. The family gather around a large wooden sculpture of Christ and pray that no harm comes to them.