Go Way Back and Sit Down



Title: Go Way Back and Sit Down, Words By: Elmer Bowman, Music By: Al. Johns, Published By: F.A. Mills, Location: New York/Chicago, Year: 1901

Kerry Mills (Frederick Allen Mills; 1 February 1869 Philadelphia – 5 December 1948 Hawthorne, California) was an American composer of popular music during the Tin Pan Alley era. His stylistically diverse music ranged from ragtime to cakewalk to marches. He was most prolific between 1895 and 1918.Mills trained as a violinist and was head of the Violin Department of the University of Michigan School of Music when he began composing. He moved to New York City in 1895 and started a music publishing firm, (F. A. Mills Music Publisher), publishing his own work and that of others.