Gilded Cobalt Demitasse



Stamped “Turn EW Vienna”

Carries the red EW hallmark with the city names Turn (Turn-Teplitz) & Vienna which is the mark used from 1899 to 1918.
The Ernst Wahliss company was founded in Trnovany (Turn-Teplitz, Bohemia, Austria) or modern day Czech Republic in 1863. The company had stores in London and Vienna. In 1894 Wahliss purchased the Alfred Stellmacher Imperial and Royal Porcelain Factory. Following Ernst’s death in 1900 his sones purchased hundreds of molds from the former Imperial and Royal Porcelain Manufactory of Vienna and made fine reproductions of older Vienna porcelain. In 1905 the firm was renamed Alexandra Porcelain Works Ernst Wahliss. The important designer Paul Dachsel worked for the company prior to starting his own company in 1905.