Gilded Cobalt Demitasse



Stamped Martial Redon MR Limoges Porcelain France Shiltz-Magnus Strasbourg

Martial Redon and P.J. Gibus became partners in a Limoges porcelain factory c1861. Redon became the sole owner when Gibus retired in 1881. In 1886 Redon exhibited plates, cups, and vases with lavish decoration; the company also did underglaze patterns and pate-sur-pate. Later Redon was known for more utilitarian pieces. 

Martial Redon’s son Joseph became a partner shortly before his father retired in 1896. P. Jouhanneaud and his son joined with Joseph Redon in 1906, and the firm became La Porcelaine Limousine (P55). P. Jouhanneaud’s nephew, George Magne, became a partner in 1912 and took over the company in 1918. The factory closed in 1938.   Alexandre Chastagnac repaired and reopened the factory in 1945-46, then built a new factory nearby in 1955.