Sapukal Riau Lingga Keris/Kris


Sapukal Riau Lingga keris from the early 1920s, the straight double edged blade is adorn with Pamor Wos Wutah. The pamor or damascening is the pattern in the surface of a keris blade.

The pamor is the most important part of the keris, as according to common belief, it has strong magic power and influence of one pamor pattern is not the same as that of another.

There are hundreds of names for pamor patterns, all with different powers and kinds of magic. The warangka is enclosed with Perak / silver.

Both sides of sheath has different motifs.

Hilt Barong Bali, carved from wood. The Pendongkok fitted below the hilt is also made from and decorated from silver. In bygone days a skilled maker was much respected and every Raja maintained a master craftsman, known as empu or pandai besi, at his court.