August Hermann Knoop (German, 1856 – 1919)

August Hermann Knoop (German, 1856 – 1919) “Gentlemen in a library” Oil on Panel 18″H x 14.5″W

August Hermann Knoop (born June 6, 1856 in Dusseldorf) was a German portrait and genre painter, who specialized in the representation of social scenes from the Rococo period.

Knoop visited in the years 1876 to 1880 the art academy Munich. On October 9, 1877, he was enrolled in the Antikenclass. In the years 1886-1888 he went to Paris in the studio of Fernand Cormon, whose private art school at that time attracted talented young painters. Subsequently, Knoop settled in Munich, where he concentrated on motifs taken from the social life of noblemen of the 18th century (Neorokoko). Another focal point Knoops were scenes with Landsknechts and nobles from the Renaissance. Knoop hardly exhibited his works, but sold directly to private individuals and art collectors, but was represented at an exhibition of the Glaspalast in Munich and in the Great Berlin Art Exhibition.