Alfred Charles Weber (French 1862 – 1922)

Cardinal Playing the Flute


Alfred Charles Weber (French 1862 – 1922) is one of the most respected French exponents of the Cardinal School of Painters.

Clearly schooled to the highest standards in drawing available to scholars of the Belle Époque period Weber subscribes to the figurative tradition and produced a considerable body of work predominantly in oil on panel with the occasional watercolour.

As with his contemporaries Brunery, Landini, Vibert and Marias-Milton Weber achieved recognition with his highly finished interiors often depicting the Lords of the Catholic Church at unexpected pursuits, these became highly fashionable with the collecting cognoscenti generally and with the Americans in particular. A large number of his works found their way to America at this period and are still very much sought after today.

Titles of works include ‘Cardinals drinking Champagne’ and ‘Musical Cardinal playing the Lute’. The art gallery in La Harve, Holland holds a work entitled ‘Portrait of my Brother’.