French Marble Clock with Japy Freres Movement

Lyre Shaped Case Topped with a Woman's Bust


French Marble Clock w/Japy Freres Movement: the lyre shaped case is topped with a woman’s bust and decorated with gilt bronze floral garlands. The convex porcelain dial is floral painted and 3 1/4″ wide. Clock is 17 3/4″ tall. Hour and half hour gong striking. French antique clocks often strike once on the half hour, and then strike the number of hours on the hour. Japy Freres & Cie. was founded by Frederic Japy of Beaucount, born in 1749, and first made movements for the clock industry at his factory in 1777, becoming the largest and most commercially important clock making concern in France. Japy Freres & Cie. supplied movements for some of France’s greatest sculptures.