Christoph Schwartz (German, 1545 – 1592)

A Crucifixion

Christoph Schwartz (German, 1545 – 1592) “A Crucifixion”

Oil on Panel 20 x 15 inches

Christoph Schwartz was a court painter in Munich, where he created the main altarpiece for the Church of St. Michael, his most famous work. Before he was employed as a court painter, he stayed in Venice from 1570 to 1573.

The crucifixion shows Schwartz’s talent for composition, and training in Venetian works; especially in the group of women mourning for Mary, who has sunk to the ground in pain. It is inspired by the group of women in mourning on Tintoretto’s crucifixion of 1566 for the Scuola di San Rocco, in Venice. Maria Magdalena kneels at the foot of the cross, on the left at the edge of the picture is John the Evangelist. The composition of the crucifixion is known through many versions and copies.

The present version is characterized by a fine, very high-quality painting style. In particular, the expression of the faces is excellently captured both psychologically and painterly.