Italian Rapier Sword

Italian Rapier Sword


European Falchion

European Falchion on a pole arm

Italian Rapier Sword


Ayda Katti Indian Sword

Ayda Katti was a sword in the district of Kodagu in the Indian province of Karnataka . Large bent knife, with a cord on the concave side, dated “1806” and marked “GAP WATSON / INDIAN STAFF CORPS”, slightly enlarged base with a dorsal stripe, outlined and provided with a narrow neck. Brass ring with brushed bands. Knurled grip and fitted with a typical wide flat cusp-shaped capp, adorned with circles.
India, Beginning of the 19th Century
length 21 in.

Bichuwa Indian Dagger

Bichuwa – Two-wire curved blade, with small waves at the base; large handle of typical shape, engraved bronze and perforated to the edge. A suspension ring.
India, XIXth Century
length 14 in.

Yemen Jambiya Dagger

Jambiya – Large two-wire curved blade with center rib at the center, engraved with a cow and inscriptions in Arabic characters. Horn handle with silver decorations. Sheath made of leather covered with leather and richly decorated in silver with a watermark; complete with a polychrome fabric belt with two enamelled silver containers.
Yemen, circa 1900
Length 12 in.

Italian Dagger

Two-wire straight blade with central groove, base embossed with Garibaldi’s effigy with saber and banner, the rest with floral motifs. Disc handle in black and brown horn alternating. Brass hood. Sheath in leather. Southern Italy, Mid-19th Century
Length 12 in.

German Crossbow

Wooden handgun with rifle kick (a small restoration) equipped with armrest, bone dart slide, neck number 2 “inlaid in bone; iron arch with ancient roping and with pom-pom remains; trigger and stecker, jumper and small iron bracket.
Germany, XVIII Sec.
Length 28 in.

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