Victorian Dance Card

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Victorian Dance Card

Personal Objects

Dual Purpose Jeweled Cane

Jeweled Dress Cane from Budapest – Late 19th Century
Silver gilt and jeweled handle studded with eight rows of individually set garnets, half pearls, and silver beads alternating with linear, twist wire separators. The round and slightly raised and hinged top is decorated en-suite, and flips open to show a deep container cavity which holds a small ration of snuff tobacco. Ebony shaft and a metal ferrule. The cane is authenticated by a tiny Austro – Hungarian hallmark on the handle’s collar.

Baby Rattle

About The Curator

Carol Seelig Eastman is the Executive Director and Chief Curator of The Knohl Collection. In this role, she passionately explores the artist’s personal, social, and political world and places their art in a meaningful historical context. Her thematic exhibitions provide visual and educational stimulation that attract and engage a diverse museum audience.