Ivory Alligator with Glass Eyes

Ivory Alligator with Glass Eyes


Carved bone walking stick in the shape of an alligator. Mouth unlatches and opens. Brass collar and ferrule. Mahogany shaft. Rubberized bottom.

Ivory Round Man


Ivory knob dress cane shaped in the image of a fat man. Ivory collar, wood shaft, horn ferrule.

Carved Wild Animals


Carved German Ivory Cane-18th Century-This German masterpiece was probably done by the school of Master Carver Johan Mascher. The handle has massive standing bear throughout the entire handle which is being attacked by a group of ferocious hunting hounds. It is a very dramatic scene and well executed, massive malacca shaft and a 7″ brass and iron spike ferrule.

Erotic Carved Ivory


Erotic French Cane,-19th Century-A substantial one piece elephant ivory carved with a dozen naked females which make up the face of the handle, malacca shaft with eyelets and leather loop, silver collar with two hallmarks and worn silver ferrule.

Twisted Ivory


Branch shaped ivory handle, silver collar, knotted wood shaft, metal ferrule.

Ivory Buffalo


Carved ivory handle with the image of a buffalo, silver collar, mahogany shaft, rubber over metal ferrule.

Vined Floral Ivory Cane


Ivory Rose Cane- Circa 1890. A finely carved 12″x 7/8″ handle, snake wood shaft and an ivory ferrule.

Carved Ivory Faces


Ivory handle with carved faces, silver collar, mahogany shaft, horn ferrule.

Ivory Elephant Head


Ivory elephant handle, Ebony collar, ebony shaft, Engraved “BC”. No ferrule.

Asian Silver and Ivory Cane


L-Shaped Ivory and Silver Handle, has the image of a dragon and flowers. Oriental symbol on one end, Silver collar, mahogany shaft, metal ferrule.

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