1871 Seated Half Dime

1871 Seated Half Dime

1871 Seated H10c PCGS MS65

1912 Barber Dime

1912-D Barber 10c PCGS/CAC MS65

1916 Barber Dime

1916 Barber 10c PCGS MS65

1898 Barber Dime

1898 Barber 10c NGC MS65

1915 Barber Dime

1915 Baber 10c PCGS MS65

1915 Barber Quarter

1915 Baber 25c PCGS/CAC MS65

1883 Shield Nickel

1883 Shield 5c PCGS/CAC MS65

1910 Barber Dime

1910 10c PCGS/CAC MS65 – Barber Dime

1911 Barber Dime

1911 10c PCGS MS65 – Barber Dime

1902 Indian Head Penny



1902 1C Indian Cent PCGS MS65RD

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Carol Seelig Eastman is the Executive Director and Chief Curator of The Knohl Collection. In this role, she passionately explores the artist’s personal, social, and political world and places their art in a meaningful historical context. Her thematic exhibitions provide visual and educational stimulation that attract and engage a diverse museum audience.