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One of the Top 10 !

We’re excited to report that Revolution to Romanticism – the newest exhibition from  The Knohl Collection – is named one of the top 10 opening exhibitions

Got A Light?

Long before the beginning of recorded history, man learned how to spark fires by rubbing two sticks together, not an easy task when faced with the forces of nature – wind and rain. It was not until 1680 that an Englishman named Robert Boyle discovered that phosphorus and sulfur would burst into flame instantly if rubbed together – a breakthrough that would ultimately lead to the modern day match.

The Stories They Tell

Oh, the stories they tell …especially this one! Jean Georges Vibert was a witty French Academic painter who exercised his artistic freedom by poking fun at human foibles.

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Carol Seelig Eastman is the Executive Director and Chief Curator of The Knohl Collection. In this role, she passionately explores the artist’s personal, social, and political world and places their art in a meaningful historical context. Her thematic exhibitions provide visual and educational stimulation that attract and engage a diverse museum audience.