Robert Alexander Hillingford (British, 1825-1904)

Yet still a King


Robert Alexander Hillingford  (British, 1825-1904), exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1808, signed, oil on canvas, 17″ x 25″ 

Hillingford was an English painter who specialized in painting historic battle scenes. He spent his early years in London, and in 1841, moved to Düsseldorf to begin his studies. After completing a rigorous five years of training, he traveled to Munich, Rome, Florence and Naples. He settled in Italy for several years and focused on paintings scenes of Italian life. One painting from this period, entitled “The Last Evening of the Carnival,” was exhibited at St. Petersburg in 1859. He returned to London in 1864, and exhibited his first painting at the Royal Academy in 1866. It was at this point in his career that he began to concentrate on historical subjects, producing many images of the Napoleonic Wars. He was applauded for his accuracy and attention to detail and became a regular exhibitor at the Royal Academy, British Institution, and at other galleries.

The Crimean War 

The Crimean War, fought mostly in the Crimean Peninsula, took place from October 1853 to February 1856. Although the conflict involved Russia against an alliance of Britain, France, Turkey, the Ottoman Empire, Sardinia and the Austrian Empire; ultimately it was Britain and Russia rivaling for world power.