Cesare Auguste Detti, (1847 Italy -1914 France)

Swiss Guard

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Cesare Auguste Detti, (1847 Italy -1914 France), Swiss Guard, oil on canvas, 9″ x 12″

Cesare Auguste Detti was born in Spolete, Italy, but moved to Paris early in his career. An historical and genre painter from the Italian school, Detti developed a worldwide reputation for his brilliant 19th century costume paintings. He received his formal education at the l’Academie de Saint-Luc, and developed his talents as a genre painter under Marsal y Fortuny (1838-1874) and Francesco Podesti (1800-1895). After completing his education, he was invited to exhibit throughout Italy. His first exhibition was in Naples in 1872, followed by an exhibition in Rome. With his success in Italy, Detti began to receive invitations to exhibit worldwide. In 1876, Detti settled in Paris and opened his own studio. He continued to exhibit in France and was honored with a nomination into the Salon des artistes Francais. In 1889, Detti was awarded a bronze medal at the l’Exposition Universelle and a silver in 1900.