Jean D’ Alheim (Russian, 1832-1894)

The Sirens

Jean D’ Alheim (Russian, 1832-1894) “The Sirens” or “Moonlit Coastal Scene”

Oil on canvas 51″ x 40″ inches framed

A Russian painter. Born in the town of Gursk. In the 1850s, the period of total interest to the works of the Swiss artist O. Calame in Russia, he was his disciple along with O. Meshcherskyi, M. Bocharov, M. Erassi. The artist worked a lot in France and Italy and exhibited at the Salons. Died in Paris.

Born in Moscow c.1850, Alexandra Pushkina married the Russian landscape painter Jean d’Alheim (1832-1894) from the Kursk province. Following the wedding, the young couple left Russia and settled in Paris where D’Alheim founded a painting school at which his wife most probably studied.