After Cornelis Kruseman (Dutch, 1797 – 1857)

Philip II Accuses William of Orange of Leading the Resistance


Antoine Pierre Charles Favart, (French 1780 – 1867), After Cornelis Kruseman

Antoine Pierre Charles Favart was a playwright, history painter, engraver and French diplomat.

Grand-son of Charles Simon Favart which he published works, his pieces were represented at the Vaudeville Theatre . He also participated as a designer costumes to other parts Boulevard as The Sultan of HavreArmand d’Artois and Henri Dupin (1810).

Consul of France in Russia , secretary of the Duke of Caraman and the Duke de Polignac, in charge of diplomatic missions, he ties in Russia links with playwright and poet Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy which it is an oil portrait in 1846. On her also has many cartoons in the press and portraits for Theatre Gallery. He then became consul in Mons (Belgium).

Favart was a pupil of Suvée, and exhibited at the Paris Salon from 1806 to 1839. Works include Heroic Action of Henry II, Duke of Montmorency, General View of Jerusalem and Bayard Injured beneath the Walls of Brescia.

Cornelis Kruseman (25 September 1797 – 14 November 1857) was a Dutch painter, draughtsman, etcher, lithographer, silhouettist, paper-cut artist, and art collector. this is a copy of a well-known Dutch history painting, currently in the Rijksmuseum, by Cornelis Kruseman, Philips II beschuldigt Willem van Oranje het verzet te leiden, 1566, (Philip II accuses William of Orange of leading the resistance), painted in 1832.